Did you know that the global smart and WiFi thermostat market grew by about 123% in 2015?

What about the fact that owners of a WiFi thermostat save an average of $131-$145 every year on heating and cooling costs?

With statistics like these, the smart home market is getting harder and harder to ignore.

But is a Wifi thermostat right for you? What makes it different from a traditional thermostat? How can you find the best option for you?

Keep reading to learn all that and more.

OK…But Does My Thermostat Really Need Wifi?

No matter where you look, it seems like the “smart home” trend is on the rise. From televisions to lighting and security systems, today’s homeowners want convenience and comfort at the push of a button.

But what exactly does a WiFi thermostat do?

By having a thermostat with a WiFi connection, you can adjust and keep track of your home and room’s temperature – anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Your new smart thermostat links directly to your smartphone, laptop computer, or other electronic devices with WiFi.

Now, if you want to adjust the temperature in your room, you don’t have to stand up and tinker with the thermostat every few minutes.

Many models can even be programmed throughout the day, meaning that you won’t forget to turn down the heat when you’re not home – saving you serious cash.

And if it’s a hot day, and you want to walk into a fully cooled down house, you can program your air conditioner to turn on while you make your drive home from work.

Some options will even store your temperature patterns themselves, so everything can be “just right” all the time! There are even newer models that are linked to the GPS system in your car or smartphone. This way, your thermostat can start heating or cooling your home automatically when you’re on your way home!

What Are The Benefits Of A WiFi Thermostat?

There are countless benefits to a thermostat that has wireless Internet. It’s pretty incredible just how much of a difference a small change like this one can make!

Let’s take a look at a few of them now.

You Don’t Have To Think About It

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have one less thing on your to-do list?

While you still have to pick up your kids and empty the dishwasher, you’ll appreciate the pampered feeling of being able to adjust your thermostat from the comfort of your favorite lounge chair.

Finally, something you don’t have to remind yourself – or someone else – to take care of.

It Lets You Know If Something’s Up

Be honest – how many times a year do you actually check to make sure your thermostat is working?

Yeah…we thought so.

If you’re a little forgetful when it comes to checking on your appliances and devices, this is a great solution for you. If your thermostat notices that something seems a little bit off about your furnace, or if you experience an outright malfunction, you’ll get an alert right away – sent straight to your smartphone.

Especially if you travel frequently throughout the year, this is a huge help and can potentially prevent serious (and seriously expensive) damage to your home and furnace.

It Saves You Money

We already crunched the savings numbers for you in this article, but you may even be able to save more than close to $150 a year thanks to the up-to-the-minute and constant monitoring your thermostat with WiFi offers.

Even better?

It can also help you to reduce your impact on the environment by lowering your energy consumption and cost. Anything you can do to lessen your footprint is a great thing!

It Protects Your Pipes

Whether you travel a lot in the winter, or if you just have to deal with freezing temperatures, these thermostats can make sure that your pipes don’t freeze!

How Can I Decide On The Right WiFi Thermostat For Me?

First of all, how long you plan to stay in your home (and whether you’re owning or renting) will have a huge impact on the kind of thermostat you buy.

Especially when compared to the costs of other home improvements, a smart thermostat can add value to your property without requiring a huge investment.

However, keep in mind that even if you’re renting, it’s still pretty easy to take your smart thermostat with you to your next home.

We also recommend that you look into buying thermostats from companies that can help you install them. The last thing you want to do is make an investment in a thermostat with WiFi, and then accidentally damage it because you tried to install it yourself.

Finally, think about your needs. Do you frequently forget to turn off your AC before you leave for work? Do you constantly fiddle with the thermostat, adjusting the temperature several times a day?

If so, you’ll probably want to look for a model that remembers and saves your temperature preferences.

However, if you’re obsessed with collecting data on your home’s energy use and monitoring what you can do to keep costs down, a model that lets you adjust your thermostat from any room in the house and tracks all your usage will probably be the best fit.

Remember that many models on today’s market allow you to both adjust from anywhere and automatically shift to your preferences.

How Else Can I Improve My Home’s Heating And Cooling?

We know that this article has probably made you excited to purchase your own smart thermostat.

Just imagine what else you could learn about taking the heating and cooling in your home to the next level!

With over 15 years of experience in the power and gas industries, we know about the latest innovations and technologies the moment they’re discovered.

We have the expertise you need to keep your costs down, lower your environmental impact, and install your products safely and effectively.

To develop a customized heating and cooling plan for your home, get in touch with us today.