You most likely pay your energy bills every month without a second thought, but what if there was a greener, more cost effective, higher quality alternative? American Power and Gas is an energy company with a unique approach to delivering excellent service. We believe customers should get to pick their providers—and we’d like you to choose us. Our company offers competitive rates, an impressive rebate program, and superb, live, US-based customer support, all while maintaining our commitment to green energy. We’re friendly to both our customers and the environment, helping you save money and protect the planet. Contact us today to find out more about American Power and Gas or switch to our services.

American Power and Gas

A Utilitarian Approach to Utilities

At American Power and Gas, we strive to make powering your home or business as simple and successful as possible. We use our comprehensive knowledge of the energy industry, market savvy, and years of experience to offer low rates for high-quality service. If you’d like to make the switch, you can simply send us your most recent energy bill and some other basic information. Once we receive this, we can enroll you in our affordable program so you can continue fueling your life while paying less for it. In some cases, we can even help you cover cancellation fees from your current provider to ease the transition.

Environmentally Friendly Energy

In this day and age, an energy company needs to do more than just provide the power you need. When we surveyed millions of customers over the past decade, we found that our clients wanted us to make protecting the planet a priority. Fortunately, American Power and Gas has long been a friend to the environment, and we’re continuing to expand our efforts. Our energy experts are constantly looking for greener, more efficient fuel sources to power customers’ homes. We’ve also launched The Green Effect campaign to educate individuals about environmental concerns and teach them how they can make a difference by adjusting their daily habits.

Putting Money Back in Your Wallet

In addition to the monthly savings many customers enjoy when switching to American Power and Gas, we offer an outstanding rebate program. At the end of every year, we’ll average out your monthly payments and write you a check for 25 percent of this amount. We’ve already awarded nearly a million dollars in rebates for this year alone.

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