Should You Invest In A Wifi Thermostat?

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Did you know that the global smart and WiFi thermostat market grew by about 123% in 2015? What about the fact that owners of a WiFi thermostat save an average of $131-$145 every year on heating and cooling costs? With statistics like these, the smart home market is getting harder and harder to ignore. But… Read more »

How Cities Can Reduce Energy Consumption

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One of the primary characteristics of cities is population density. The amount of people living per square mile is much greater in urban areas. This is because cities are major centers of commerce and industry. They are the home base for many domestic and international companies. High concentrations of jobs in cities attract even more… Read more »

How to Weatherize Your Home to Conserve Energy and Save Money

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Nobody says no to extra money in their wallet. Therefore, most people do their part to preserve the environment. If you have yet to find ways to weatherize your home, you’re not taking advantage of opportunities to conserve energy and save money. There are a few easy ways to weatherize your home to conserve energy… Read more »

Different Types of Solar Energy Explained

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Types of solar energy explained

Carbon emissions are on the rise, and concerns about global warming permeate the public attention It is no wonder that legislation is leaning toward conservation. Businesses and individuals are seeking ways to cut their carbon footprint. There are many options to explore, and even more on the horizon. There are several different types of solar… Read more »

How to Make Your Home Addition More Energy Efficient

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How to make a home addition more eco-friendly

You’ve watched every episode of Fixer Upper, absorbed all of Joanna Gaines’s home staging advice, and are ready to bask in the glow of your soon-to-be-completed sunroom. But winter is on its way, and that home addition is bound to cool down a bit with its exposed window walls. As you oversee construction, consider some… Read more »

How Much Can You Really Save With Energy Efficient Home Improvements?

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How much can be saved with energy efficient home improvements?

As energy becomes scarcer and as costs rise across the board, it is important to consider home improvements that will not only preserve the earth’s resources but also save money. There is a wide range of energy efficient options available, from cheap and easy changes to those with a higher price tag and requiring professional… Read more »

Different Ways of Generating Off-Grid Power

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Ways of generating off-grid power in the home

You may have overheard the term “going off the grid” at some point or another in recent conversations or in a brief mention on the news. If so, you’re probably curious about what that particular phrase means. No, it’s not the latest dance craze or some new map-based game for your phone or tablet. Rather,… Read more »

Green Energy Explained

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Green energy

Kermit the Frog once said, “It ain’t easy being green”. And while he was most likely talking about his emerald complexion rather than environmental and ecological factors concerns, it used to be true for both. Thankfully, “going green”, as it’s commonly referred, has become a lot easier these days thanks to increased awareness and concern… Read more »

The Environmental Impact of Wind Power

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wind power for green energy

Any time a new form of green energy is under development, researchers must determine what kind of impact it could have, both for the positive and the negative. In most cases, the benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks, especially when compared to alternatives like burning fossil fuels to create energy. In the case of wind… Read more »

How Does a Wind Farm Work?

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green energy via wind farm

Many people accept that they are beholden to public utility services like gas, water, and power companies that provide them with convenient home amenities. However, when you start to compare energy prices, it won’t take long to realize that clean, green energy is cheaper to produce.  That’s in addition to the eco-friendly aspects of solar,… Read more »