The Environmental Impact of Wind Power

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wind power for green energy

Any time a new form of green energy is under development, researchers must determine what kind of impact it could have, both for the positive and the negative. In most cases, the benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks, especially when compared to alternatives like burning fossil fuels to create energy. In the case of wind… Read more »

How Does a Wind Farm Work?

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green energy via wind farm

Many people accept that they are beholden to public utility services like gas, water, and power companies that provide them with convenient home amenities. However, when you start to compare energy prices, it won’t take long to realize that clean, green energy is cheaper to produce.  That’s in addition to the eco-friendly aspects of solar,… Read more »

How Insulation Can Help You Conserve Energy

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Do you know how much energy you are wasting thanks to old and inefficient insulation? Well, you're not alone. Learn how you can cut waste with these tips.

Most homeowners are aware of the fact that insulation is hidden in the walls of their home, and is perhaps more exposed in the attic and basement. Some homes feature fill while others have batting, and more homes these days are starting to use newer products like spray foam and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fiberglass… Read more »

The Best Ways to Conserve Energy in Summer

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The summer heat can have you running the AC all day long - and running your utility bill up in the process. Save energy and money with these tips.

Beating the summer heat could mean spending lazy afternoons lounging poolside or sipping lemonade under the shade of your favorite tree. For many people living in regions that experience extreme summer temperatures, it means shutting up the house and cranking the AC. Unfortunately, this can result in some truly astronomical energy bills, especially if your… Read more »

Hydroelectric Energy Explained

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Gain a better understanding of how hydroelectric energy works so you can determine if it is a viable alternative energy for your consumption.

By now most people are familiar with the concept of green energy and some of the types of sustainable energy that exist. Solar panels are a popular choice for homeowners that want to reduce their energy costs along with their carbon footprint.  Wind turbines are quickly emerging as a viable alternative to solar power for areas that don’t enjoy… Read more »

The Best Ways to Generate Off-Grid Power for Your Home

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Consider these alternative energy solutions if you want to cut ties with your power company and go off-grid.

There is a certain appeal in going off the grid. Particularly when we are talking about the energy grid. After comparing energy prices you may ask yourself why pay high electric bills in California or pay natural gas companies in Florida when you could possibly generate all of your own power, and perhaps even resell… Read more »

American Power and Gas: Veteran’s Hub in the Spotlight

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Veteran’s Hub in the Spotlight

Americans have a lot to be grateful for—our nation is world-renowned as the land of opportunity, freedom, and independence. The men and women of the United States armed forces are passionate protectors of American values who sacrifice a great deal to serve our country. When they return home, many veterans continue to uphold and embody… Read more »

American Power and Gas: About Corporate Responsibility

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About Corporate Responsibility

American Power and Gas isn’t your average energy company. We are conscientious about how every aspect of our business affects our customers, employees, communities, and environment. Over the past 15 years, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to doing better, more beneficial business by finding more sustainable power sources, offering outstanding customer service to our customers, providing… Read more »

American Power and Gas: What is the Green Effect?

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The Green Effect

American Power and Gas (located in Seminole, Florida) is making big waves in the green energy market. We currently operate in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, states that have deregulated their energy, giving consumers more options about how to power their homes and businesses. Many residential and commercial clients prefer to work with American Power… Read more »