Millions of the brave men and women who serve in the American armed forces continue to contribute to our country when they return home by opening their own businesses. According to a report by the United States Census Bureau: “in 2007, U.S. military veterans owned 2.4 million businesses, which accounted for 9.0 percent of all businesses nationwide…these businesses generated $1.2 trillion in receipts, or about 4.1 percent of business receipts nationwide, and employed nearly 5.8 million people.” If you include companies half- or majority-owned by veterans, these numbers jump even higher, to “3.7 million, representing 13.5 percent of all businesses nationwide, accounting for more than $1.6 trillion in receipts and employing 8.2 million people.”

These stunning statistics prove demonstrate the impressive capabilities of our veterans—abilities that are, unfortunately, often overlooked. At American Power and Gas, we’re committed to corporate responsibility. In addition to advocating for numerous green energy initiatives, we’re constantly looking for new ways to support United States military veterans. For example, we recently announced that we plan to hire up to 120 new employees and are prioritizing veteran applicants, but that’s not all we’re doing. Read on to learn more about our latest, even more ambitious passion project: a veteran-owned business hub.

What is the Veteran’s Hub?

The Veteran’s Hub will be an online marketplace to connect consumers, companies, and government entities with veteran-owned ventures. American Power and Gas has joined forces with Studio98, a full service online marketing firm, to complete custom web development for this soon-to-be beautiful, highly functional site. The Veteran’s Hub will be a place for all veteran-owned businesses to promote their products and services to interested prospective clients and partners. It will link patriotic customers, savvy companies, and government entities with the veteran-owned businesses they need. As American Power and Gas’ Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, Andrea d’Agostini recently explained: “If a person is looking for goods and services, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to get those goods and services from a business that was founded by someone who was willing to risk it all for our freedom.”

Our Vision for Veterans

As an extremely successful alternative energy supplier with thousands of satisfied customers and further plans for expansion, American Power and Gas has the resources and skills to make our Veteran’s Hub the leading marketplace of its kind. According to d’Agostini, this site will help veterans showcase their companies, so that “we can then present it to our customers and our partner’s customers in order to create an expanding campaign.” We’re excited to use our extensive experience, advanced expertise, and vast network of commercial clientele to assist deserving, productive veterans. American Power and Gas plans to improve veterans-owned businesses’ publicity so they can excel, grow, and have an even greater positive impact on their local and national communities. We hope that all veteran-owned businesses will take advantage of the hub’s distinctive benefits.

Looking Forward to Our Launch

We can’t wait to share our Veteran’s Hub with the world. While the online marketplace is currently still being created, we plan to unveil it in less than a month, on November 16, 2015. This means we’ll be able to drive valuable business to veterans just in time for the busy holiday sales season.

Sign Up For the Veteran’s Hub

Are you a veteran business owner or know someone who is? American Power and Gas welcomes all types of veteran-owned ventures to our up-and-coming online marketplace. We look forward to helping you promote your company, increase your profits, and achieve your full potential. To get notified for early sign-up, simply enroll with the Veteran’s Hub today—all you have to do is give us your name, business name, and email.