Veteran’s Hub in the Spotlight

Americans have a lot to be grateful for—our nation is world-renowned as the land of opportunity, freedom, and independence. The men and women of the United States armed forces are passionate protectors of American values who sacrifice a great deal to serve our country. When they return home, many veterans continue to uphold and embody the American dream by starting their own business ventures. The most recent Census reports: “there are 21.8 million veterans in the United States,” including a stunning “1.6 million” in Florida, the home of American Power and Gas’ headquarters. These individuals are often quite enterprising—the Census notes: “veterans own nine percent of all U.S. business,” employing 5.8 million people and generating $1.2 trillion in receipts.

As part of our patriotic spirit and commitment to corporate responsibility, American Power and Gas has created numerous initiatives to support our veterans. We’re currently searching for qualified veteran applicants as part of our expansion efforts and regularly attend military career fairs toward that end. One of our most ambitious and exciting projects to date is our Veteran’s Hub, a new online marketplace to bolster veteran-owned businesses. Read on to learn more about this powerful platform and find out how you can participate in it.

The Philosophy and Purpose

At American Power and Gas, we believe it is our duty to assist dedicated, deserving individuals succeed however we can. We are especially excited to help hardworking veterans, people who have already given a great deal to our community and continue to help our nation prosper. We know that many of our customers and colleagues feel the same way, but may not know how to support these endeavors. The purpose of the Veteran’s Hub is to publicize veteran’s businesses so that interested clients and prospective partners can find them.

Our Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, Andrea d’Agostini, recently explained the concept behind the Veteran’s Hub: “if a person is looking for goods and services, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to get those goods or services from a business that was founded by someone who was willing to risk it all for our freedom.” As a national company with a variety of commercial connections and proven expertise in promotion, we understand how to connect patriotic supporters with veteran’s businesses so that everyone involved can benefit.

Why On The Web?

In our digital age, one of the best ways to link prospective clients and accommodating associates with prospering businesses is on the web. People increasingly look for information, shop, and communicate using the Internet. To build our one-of-a-kind Veteran’s Hub, we’ve partnered with Studio 98, a custom web design company and full service marketing firm. Studio 98’s experienced team has worked with a variety of companies, the likes of which include NASA and time Warner Cable. Combining Studio 98’s expertise with our distinctive resources and enthusiasm, we’ve designed the Veteran’s Hub. Basically, this unique site will serve as a platform for veteran-owned companies to advertise their goods, services, and business opportunities to people specifically seeking to support veterans’ ventures.

How the Veteran’s Hub Works

If you’re a veteran who owns a company, the Veteran’s Hub will be a free source of leads, promotion, and networking. You can advertise your offerings on our site to reach new people, improve your reputation, and boost your sales. If you’re a customer who wants to back veteran-owned businesses, this site will be a place to do your shopping. You’ll be able to get the products you need while knowing you’re investing in important enterprises. In addition, government entities and other businesses can use the Hub to find qualified, productive veteran-owned companies to collaborate with.

The Goal

Our aim is to be the largest online marketplace of this kind, creating a far-reaching impact on veteran-owned businesses by tapping into the network we’ve cultivated over the past 15 years and the passion for veterans we know many others share with us. As Mr. d’Agostini noted, the Veteran’s Hub will allow former members of the military to “present their business” to the world. For our part, “we will then present it to our customers and our partner’s customers in order to create an expanding campaign.” Ideally, we’d like every veteran-owned business (all 2.4 million of them!) to sign up with the Veteran’s Hub and experience its advantages.

Are You Ready to Join the Veteran’s Hub?

Would you like to help veteran-owned companies flourish? Our Veteran’s Hub is open to veteran business owners, patriotic customers, interested partners, and more. Sign up today to participate in our growing marketplace.