American Power and Gas Creating New Jobs

American Power and Gas is a Seminole, FL-based energy company that leverages some of the latest advances in the industry to provide superior service for businesses and individuals in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Energy deregulation in these states allows for a more competitive and innovative market, of which American Power and Gas strives to be the forerunner. The company’s energy experts utilize their extensive knowledge of the field to find the most affordable, environmentally friendly fuel sources for their customers. American Power and Gas’s competitive prices (made even better by 25 percent annual rebates), emphasis on green energy, and outstanding customer support have made them a top choice for homeowners and businesses throughout the Eastern United States.

In part due to the success of companies like American Power and Gas, increasing numbers of states are turning to deregulation as a way to drop energy prices and become more environmentally friendly. This is great news for customers in those states, as well as jobseekers in the Seminole area. As part of their expansion, American Power and Gas is currently working at hiring as many as 120 new employees for key positions in sales. The following press release provides more information about this exciting opportunity.

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