According to a 2013 report from CNN, approximately 246,000 United States Armed Forces veterans are currently looking for work. Unfortunately, once they’ve completed their contracts, many military professionals have difficulty finding civilian employment. Often, companies discount veterans because their skills seem too specialized and they lack the typical job experience most positions call for. The sad irony of the situation is, however, that those who have dedicated themselves to protecting and serving our nation are often some of the best workers a company could hope to employ.

At American Power and Gas, we’re rapidly expanding our workforce—we plan to hire up to 120 new employees in the near future to meet the demands of two newly deregulated states. Since we recognize the value of veterans, we want to make them a key feature of our expansion by adding them to our energetic team. In the following blog, we explain five reasons we’re focused on hiring veterans (and why you should be, too).

1. They work well in high-pressure situations.

Veterans have proven their ability to complete tasks in some of the harshest possible environments. In her Forbes article on the topic, Meghan M. Biro lists “grace under pressure” as one of the “reasons leaders hire veterans,” explaining: “If you’re on the front lines in a war, you need to stay calm and function under extreme pressures. It makes some HR [Human Resources] and management calamities look trivial—after all, what we do is HR/people management, not ER [Emergency Response].” At American Power and Gas, we’re confident that the veterans we hire will be able to use their resilience and persistence to excel in sales, customer service, and other areas.

2. They have most likely learned to lead.

Managerial skills are an important part of many military positions. The Business Insider piece “10 Reasons Companies Should Be Hiring Military Veterans” summarizes an online interview with “retired Marine sergeant and current hiring manager, Jon Davis.” He argues: “veterans have ingrained leadership talents…the average age of a Marine…is 19. At 20, most Marines become non-commissioned officers who are placed in leadership positions. As one advances through the military’s ranks, the burden of leadership becomes greater and greater.” We are excited to put marines and other military veterans in charge of our departments and projects as we expand.

3. They understand organization and procedure.

The military is known for its regimented standards and protocols. Veterans understand how to quickly learn and implement procedures, so they’re typically quite easy to train and can be depended upon to follow rules. expounds on this subject: “Veterans have gained a unique perspective on the value of accountability. They can grasp their place within an organizational framework…They know how policies and procedures enable an organization to exist.” These qualities are especially important in the sometimes complex and bureaucratic energy industry (but, of course, they are valuable in any work environment).

4. The government encourages them to pursue higher education.

At American Power and Gas, our company is rapidly developing, and we’d love to hire employees who can grow with us. The United States government provides incentives to encourage and support veterans who decide to pursue continuing or higher education. Veteran employees will be more able (and therefore more likely) to continue to build on their knowledge and skills, improving your company along with themselves.

5. They are committed to achieving their goals.

Most military veterans have successfully completed hundreds of missions, in many cases achieving their objectives to quite literally save lives. This means that these employees understand how to work toward and obtain specific results without making excuses. At American Power and Gas, we’ve emphasized veterans in our job posting because we’re looking for dependable, trustworthy, results-oriented employees.

American Power and Gas is Looking for Veterans

Are you a military veteran in the Tampa Bay area who’d like to work for a burgeoning energy company? Check out our job postings and submit your resume to see if you might be a good fit for American Power and Gas. If you’d like to learn more about our company or enroll for our services, contact us today.